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New Mono Design is a proprietary collection of elegant and exclusive custom-made furniture. Each piece of furniture is hand-made with great care and precision. The passion, commitment and individual approach that we give each of our products makes them special and unique. However, New Mono Design is not just furniture, it is also a lifestyle that realizes the aesthetics of the objects around us. It is a brand created with a view to combining two categories – beauty and functionality – to help you with the best interior design.

The first collection of the New Mono Design brand consisted of an Art Deco table made of walnut veneer covered with a high-gloss lacquer. The Art Deco table was already appreciated at the finishing stage and presented at Łódź Design Festival, and later also at the prestigious 100% Design exhibition in London and at the Polish Pavilion during the Concour Lepine in Paris and Concour Lepine at Europeenne Foire de Strasburg.

In the New Mono Design collections we can also find unique chests of drawers from the „Gropius” and „Wave” series, whose design refers to 50’s 60’s vintage style. Designed in various sizes, made of partly bent construction and covered with walnut veneer, they delight with elegance and precision. The dresser fronts are varnished on satin or high gloss and can be finished in any color.

New Mono Design projects has a limited character. Production time for the furniture is about 45 days.


Creator and main designer of the New Mono Design brand. She graduated from the Graphic Arts Department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, where she also obtained a PhD in Production Design. She also studied at the Institute of Art History at the University of Warsaw and Graphic Design at Saint Luc Brussels.

She began to design during her studies, initially it was spatial forms, but soon after she started designing furniture it became her passion. Her projects have been recognised and successfully displayed at international art festivals.

She currently designs sets for films, theatre and advertising. She has a wide experience working in Polish and international film production.

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    New Mono Design is a proprietary collection of elegant and exclusive custom-made furniture. Each furniture is hand-made with great care and precision.

    New Mono Design to autorska kolekcja eleganckich i ekskluzywnych mebli robionych na zamówienie. Każdy egzemplarz został wykonany ręcznie z ogromnym zaangażowaniem i precyzją.

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